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Amir Lababedi

In Focus: Welcome to Paradise! Seychelles, Maldives & Mauritius  

The article investigates the primary tourism drivers, hotel performance, tourism development plans and the outlook for the tourism industries of the world’s most luxury resort destinations, the Seychelles, the Maldives & Mauritius.

abril 7, 2014  By Amir Lababedi

Lucy Payne

In Focus Mauritius - The Past, Present and Future 

This article looks at the ‘traditional’ view of Mauritius as a luxury destination and analyses where the market is currently placed. Key discussions include the shift in source markets and the upcoming trend of offering full-board and...

abril 7, 2014  By Lucy Payne

Thomas Hazinski

The 2013 HVS U.S. Lodging Tax Study  

The 2013 HVS U.S. Lodging Tax Study explores the trends in the imposition of lodging taxes in the United States. This updated version expands the study to provide lodging tax rates/collections in all 50 states and the 150 largest US cities.

abril 7, 2014  By Thomas Hazinski

Rodney Clough

In Focus: Marriott Brands Performance Update 

This article reviews the performance of Marriott’s brands in 2013. Specifically, this article focuses on the performance across the company’s brands in North America.

marzo 31, 2014  By Rodney Clough

Yasin Munshi

Middle East Hotel Development Cost Trends  

This report presents the trends in hotel development costs across key markets in the Middle East. It highlights the current development costs for different hotel classifications and discusses the various factors that affect changes in these costs.

marzo 27, 2014  By Yasin Munshi

Natwar Nagar

The Indian HR Storyboard – Then and Now 

This article provides an outline of the key HR trends which have been drivers of the hospitality sector in the last few years and will continue to play a dominant role going forward.

marzo 27, 2014  By Natwar Nagar

Benjamin Levin

In Focus - Birmingham, Alabama 

Confidence in Birmingham’s economic outlook has increased markedly following Jefferson County’s escape from bankruptcy in December of 2013, and several major new development projects could prove a boon for the city’s hotel...

marzo 25, 2014  By Benjamin Levin

Pavlos Papadimitriou

In Focus - Corfu, Greece 

This article summarizes the recent tourism market trends of Corfu and outlines its tourism outlook.

marzo 22, 2014  By Pavlos Papadimitriou

Veronica Waldthausen

In Focus: Luxembourg City 

Luxembourg is often associated with the banking industry. However, the city has much more to offer than banks and suits. This article provides an overview of the city’s hotel sector and touches on the hotel investment environment.

marzo 10, 2014  By Veronica Waldthausen

Jaime Law

In Focus: San Diego Hotel Market - Some Like It Hot 

The San Diego hotel market benefits from the strong presence of maritime and defense industries, and sees burgeoning demand from tourism, tech, and healthcare sectors. While 2013 was a bumpy year for the region, 2014 shows market poised for growth.

marzo 10, 2014  By Jaime Law

Yasin Munshi

Market Pulse: Fujairah 

This report highlights the recent trends in demand and supply in Fujairah (UAE) and their impact on the performance of hotels in the market.

marzo 5, 2014  By Yasin Munshi

Erin Bagley

Preparing Your Hospitality Executives& Staff for Effective Corporate Communication: Preparedness Versus Damage Control  

This study focuses on corporate-level communication and employee-level social media education in the hospitality industry. Case studies illustrate best (and worst) practices. The report concludes by reviewing hotels companies’ efforts in these...

marzo 5, 2014  By Erin Bagley

Carrie Russell

2013 Canadian Hotel Transaction Survey 

HVS Canada is pleased to announce the publication of the 2013 Canadian Hotel Transaction Survey.

febrero 27, 2014  By Carrie Russell

Luigi Major

Effects of Major Renovations on Hotel Market Penetration and Net Present Value 

In this article, we seek to understand and quantify, through analysis, the impact of a major renovation on a hotel’s occupancy and rate penetration and, ultimately, the effect on income and net present value.

febrero 27, 2014  By Luigi Major

Veronica Waldthausen

2013 European Hotel Transactions 

This article gives an overview of hotel investment volumes in Europe in 2013, discussing trends and forecasts and providing a comprehensive list of single asset and portfolio hotel deals above €7.5 million.

febrero 25, 2014  By Veronica Waldthausen

Nordee Saritvanich

In Focus: Santa Barbara Hotel Market - Where the "American Riviera" Meets “Techtopia” 

A strong destination market with distinctive tourist attractions, growing tech industry sector, and world-class universities bode well for hotel performance in Santa Barbara. Constrained new hotel supply buoys operators’ and investors’...

febrero 21, 2014  By Nordee Saritvanich

Luisa Pott

In Focus: Luanda, Angola 

This article explores the hotel market trends including tourism trends, supply and performance outlook in Luanda, Angola.

febrero 20, 2014  By Luisa Pott

Erin Bagley

The Digital Direction: Content Management and the Marketing Communications of Today Part II of a Two-Part Series 

This article is Part II of a two-part series analyzing the landscape of digital marketing for hotels and motels in 2014. Part I reviewed the fundamentals of digital marketing and why it is vital hotels understand current trends.

febrero 20, 2014  By Erin Bagley