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We have written hundreds of articles about all aspects of hospitality including hotel valuations, investing, lending, operations, asset management, sales and marketing, public relations, and so forth. HVS invites you to download and share these articles, with our compliments.

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Graham Coe

Property Improvement Plan (PIP) & Capital Expenditure Decisions for Canadian Hoteliers 

This article discusses recent trends in the Canadian lodging industry and their impact on capital expenditure and property improvement plan (PIP) requirements. Elements of an effective PIP and different PIP scenarios are also examined

agosto 1, 2013  By Graham Coe


Canadian Monthly Lodging Outlook June, 2013 

STR and HVS are pleased to provide you with this month's issue of the Canadian Monthly Lodging Outlook.

agosto 1, 2013  By HVS-Canada

Bethany Cronk

Denver Market Intelligence Report 2013 

Metro Denver’s economy is set to outperform the nation’s this year, and conventions in the city are on the rise. Hotel RevPAR in 2012 surpassed Denver’s pre-recession high, and healthy demand levels are pushing the pace of hotel...

julio 25, 2013  By Bethany Cronk

Erich Baum

The Fine Art of Hotel Sale Adjustment 

In this article, a case study is used as the basis for examining the various types of comparable sales adjustments, and the logic behind their application.

julio 22, 2013  By Erich Baum

Stacey Nadolny

Market Intelligence Report 2013 Columbus, Ohio 

Unemployment and office vacancy has been dropping in Columbus, the state capital and a major center for financial and healthcare services in Ohio. Hotel occupancy hit a record high in 2012, and average rates are gaining ground.

julio 18, 2013  By Stacey Nadolny

Anurat Rojanapairat

Napa Valley Lodging Demand Uncorked: Vintage Year Driven by Strong Market Interest 

Occupancy and average daily rates show healthy increases over last year. 2,000+ hotel rooms in the pipe would suggest oversupply, but there are development constraints that limit growth.

julio 12, 2013  By Anurat Rojanapairat

Daniel Voellm

HVS Hong Kong presents: The Greater China Update – 2nd Quarter 2013, 香港华盛国际呈献: 大中华地区更新 - 2013年第二季度 

China visitor arrivals continued to fall, while greater China recovered –...

julio 11, 2013  By Daniel Voellm

Desiree Flanary

Market Intelligence Report 2013 Seattle 

Seattle, WA is known worldwide for its reputation as a coffee & music haven, as well as extraordinary attractions including the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. This article shows trends in hotel supply, demand, & performance within the...

julio 10, 2013  By Desiree Flanary

Darius Hatami

Thoughts from the Golf Industry Show - Part 3 of 3 

This is the third in a 3 part series examining the state of the Golf industry. This article looks to the future of the industry, and the issues that will shape its financial health moving forward.

julio 10, 2013  By Darius Hatami

Jonathan Nehmer

2013 Hotel Cost Estimating Guide 

2013 Hotel Cost Estimating Guide

julio 9, 2013  By Jonathan Nehmer

Dana Waud

Hotel Value Factors: Branson, Missouri 

Through floods and tornadoes, Branson continues to rebuild and invest in its future.

julio 9, 2013  By Dana Waud

David Ling

Indonesia Hotel Watch - Indonesia Overview  

Experiencing an era of dynamic economic progress, Indonesia’s tourism can expect strong long-term potential. This is bolstered by rising demand for domestic and regional travel, resulting in a diversification of destinations and product...

julio 5, 2013  By David Ling

Desiree Flanary

Portland Market Intelligence Report 2013 

Portland, Oregon’s reputation rests on its well-known microbreweries, cuisine, culture, city parks, innovative mass transient system, & arts and music scene. The following article shows trends in hotel supply, demand, & performance...

julio 5, 2013  By Desiree Flanary

Veronica Waldthausen

Here To Stay - An Overview of the European Serviced Apartment Industry 

This article gives an overview of the European serviced apartment sector. We highlight the trends, opportunities and challenges and give an overview of the general investment environment and appetite for serviced apartments.

julio 3, 2013  By Veronica Waldthausen

Andrew Higgs

Canadian Monthly Lodging Outlook May, 2013 

Benchmarking Canadian Hotel F&B Profitability

julio 3, 2013  By Andrew Higgs

Steve Rushmore

Hotel Value Fundamentals Signal Positive Trend in Transactions and Development in the United States 

Is it a buyer’s market, a seller’s market, or simply time to develop?

julio 1, 2013  By Steve Rushmore

Harry Douglass

The Sharing Market – Commercial Hostels in Europe 

The commercial hybrid hostel product is still a relatively new concept and investors should become more aware of this operational model as it expands into new markets.

junio 25, 2013  By Harry Douglass

Kevin Goldstein

Are Your Sustainability Initiatives Missing a Critical Component? A Perspective on Risk 

This article provides a perspective on key areas of risk relating to investment into utility efficiency projects and sustainability initiatives, and how owners / operators can minimize exposure during all phases of investment into their...

junio 19, 2013  By Kevin Goldstein

Shannon Sampson

Market Intelligence Report 2013: Austin 

Underpinned by emblems of education, government, business, music, and history, Austin’s economy ranks among the best in the nation. New full-service hotels should lead to more convention demand, with hotel performance growth expected...

junio 19, 2013  By Shannon Sampson

Kristin Rinaudo

Market Intelligence Report 2013: Atlanta 

Despite an underperforming office market and high unemployment, Atlanta remains one of the nation’s top convention destinations. With more than a dozen hotels in the pipeline and values on the rise, what’s next for Atlanta’s lodging...

junio 17, 2013  By Kristin Rinaudo

Luigi Major

Market Intelligence Report 2013: Houston 

With demand driven by energy, health care, and shipping, Houston’s hotel market reached historically high occupancy and average rate in 2013. The following article tracks trends in hotel supply, demand, and performance across the city’s...

junio 10, 2013  By Luigi Major