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Ms. Anne R. Lloyd-Jones, CRE

Servicio: Consultoría y Valuaciones
Oficina: Nueva York
Dirección: 369 Willis Avenue
Mineola, NY, United States of America, 11501
Teléfono: +1 (516) 248-8828 ext. 208 (Laboral)
+1 (914) 772-1570 (Celular)
Idiomas: Inglés

Three Key Takeaways | 2015 HELP - Hotel Equity & Lender Perspectives Conference

Hotel experts and stakeholders convened in Boston to present positive trends in U.S. hotel lending, development, performance, and values. For Boston-area hoteliers, the potential impacts of a 2024 Olympics bid took center stage.

abr 29, 2015 Contestado por Anne R. Lloyd-Jones, Brian F. Bisema el Preston K. Puleo

HVS Issues Revised Forecasts for the U.S. Lodging Industry

The outlook for 2010 is for strong demand growth, and the industry is expected to regain stabilized levels of operation by 2014. Hotel values are also improving, fueled by both stronger fundamentals and improving investment market conditions.

sep 27, 2010 Por Anne R. Lloyd-Jones

Comparative Capitalization Rate Study

A review of the differentials in capitalization rates based on location and property type over a ten year period.

abr 29, 2010 Por Anne R. Lloyd-Jones

Canadian Lodging Outlook April 2009

Destinations and Diseases

may 29, 2009 Por Anne R. Lloyd-Jones

Destinations and Diseases A Review of the Impact of SARS on the Canadian Lodging Market as a Model ...

In an effort to gain some perspective on the potential impact of the current Swine Flu scare on travel, this article looks at the impact of the SARS epidemic of 2003 on the Canadian Lodging Market.

may 14, 2009 Por Anne R. Lloyd-Jones

The Benefits and Challenges of University Hotels and Conference Centers

Proximity to a college or university is considered a positive characteristic of any hotel site. This article explores the benefits and challenges of developing and operating a hotel or conference center affiliated with an educational institution.

abr 19, 2008 Por Anne R. Lloyd-Jones

The Prognosis for Occupancy and Average Rate in a Slowing Economy

Given the current state of the economy, and the growing consensus that a recession is near, if not here, what is the outlook for the hotel industry? This article reviews past cycles, to gain some insight into future occupancy and average rate...

mar 27, 2008 Por Anne R. Lloyd-Jones

Washington, DC: Entering New Territory

With approximately three dozen valuation and consulting assignments performed in Washington, DC, during the last two years, HVS International has gained a unique understanding of the market, especially in the upscale and luxury segments.

jun 20, 2006 Contestado por Petr Kulic el Anne R. Lloyd-Jones

The Repercussions Of September 11: What Is the Future Of Hotel Values

Anne Lloyd-Jones discusses factors impacting hotel investments in the post 9/11 environment, and correctly predicts the initial decline and ultimate revival in hotel values that we are witnessing today.

nov 1, 2001 Por Anne R. Lloyd-Jones

What Happens To Occupancy And Average Rate In A Slowing Economy?

What Happens to Occupancy and Average Rate in a Slowing Economy? was written by Anne Lloyd-Jones in 2000 when the lodging industry was slowing down after half a decade of record performance.

jun 1, 2001 Por Anne R. Lloyd-Jones

Trends In Hotel Management Contracts

An understanding of the key provisions in hotel management contracts and the issues that influence the negotiation of these contracts is essential to an effective evaluation of any hotel project.

jul 1, 1996 Contestado por Steve Rushmore el Anne R. Lloyd-Jones