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Ms. Lizzette Casarin

Servicio: Consultoría y Valuaciones
Oficina: Boulder, Denver, Minneapolis
Dirección: 413 S. Howes St.
Fort Collins, CO, United States of America, 80521
Teléfono: +1 (720) 244-7620 (Laboral)
Idiomas: Inglés, Español

Key Takeaways | 4th Annual HVS Hotel Market Connections

The North American hotel industry is still firing on all cylinders, with year-to-date occupancies at an all-time high. While some markets face challenges from new supply, prospects appear healthy in the near term.

sep 28, 2015 Por Lizzette Casarin

Market Intelligence Report 2013: Bismarck

The energy boom has transformed North Dakota’s hotel industry, with new assets springing up and existing hotels realizing new peaks in performance as energy-related demand rolls in. How does the capital city of Bismarck stand to benefit?

may 8, 2013 Por Lizzette Casarin

HVS Hotel Market Update: Colorado Springs Hotels in the Wake of the Waldo Canyon Fire

Wildfires ravaged lives and infrastructure on the northwest of Colorado Springs, setting off a scramble for hotel rooms. As the city rebuilds, major projects—including multimillion-dollar hotel renovations—aim to put the local economy back on track.

nov 16, 2012 Contestado por Lizzette Casarin el Joseph Rael

HVS Hotel Market Snapshot: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs’ hotel industry has been in business for more than a century, with a wide spectrum of entities driving demand. The market wasn’t hard hit by the recent recession, and major events this summer should bode well for local hotels.

jun 23, 2011 Por Lizzette Casarin

Hotel Price Changes in Past Cycles: The Early ‘80s

The future for hotel prices remains hazy, but past cycles of recession and revival reveal some enlightening trends.

may 24, 2010 Contestado por Rodney G. Clough el Lizzette Casarin

Hot for Huatulco

An article written about Huatulco in Mexico by Amanda Marsh at the Commercial Property News magazine.

nov 17, 2006 Contestado por Lizzette Casarin el Amanda Marsh