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Mr. Kirby D. Payne, CHA

Servicio: Asset Management & Servicios Estratégicos de Consultoría, Gerenciamiento de Hoteles
Oficina: Newport
Dirección: Post Office Box 268
Tiverton (Newport), RI, United States of America, 02878
Teléfono: +1 (763) 591-7640 (Laboral)
+1 (612) 325-4668 (Celular)
Idiomas: Inglés, Español

What Time Is The 3 PM Parade? (Should your hotel have some Mickey Mouse® in it?)

Vicki Richman attended Disney Institute. We have incorporated much of what she learned into our company. Every year we improve our company’s culture and that of our hotels. If the Walt Disney Company is any benchmark, it's clearly worth...

may 9, 2016 Contestado por Kirby D. Payne el Victoria 'Vicki' S Richman

Seven Steps to Food Cost Control

Former FSU hotel school Professor Dukas' Seven Steps to Food Cost Control from his book, "How to Operate a Restaurant" provides a concise list of things to think about to effectively manage food cost.

feb 16, 2016 Por Kirby D. Payne

Four Key Takeaways | 2015 North America Tourism & Hospitality Investment Conference (NATHIC)

Foreign Direct Investment in U.S. enterprises has doubled over the past 15 years, a sign of investor confidence in American real estate, including hotels. The NATHIC event also spoke to what moves will set hoteliers ahead in the current market.

nov 16, 2015 Contestado por Heidi S. Nielsen, McKenna Luke el Kirby D. Payne

Room Service or is it Food Delivery?

Room service should be more than just food delivery. This article has reminders for full service hotels and ideas for limited service hotels.

oct 26, 2015 Por Kirby D. Payne

Fixed Expenses Aren't Really Fixed!

In most hotel P&Ls, usually towards the bottom, is a heading called Non-Operating Income and Expense, formerly known as Fixed Expenses. Few costs are uncontrollable in a hotel. There are simply some expenses which take longer to reduce than...

may 15, 2015 Por Kirby D. Payne

Let's Talk About Cost Controls

A hotel manager's most important tasks are making money for the owner and maintaining the asset. Satisfied guests and motivated employees are among the tools, but cost controls are also critical components of the formula.

mar 27, 2015 Por Kirby D. Payne

Sales Tax Audit!

This description of a sales tax audit is an opportunity to minimize potential problems with sales taxes. While focused on Minnesota much of it applies to any state with sales taxes. Do not construe this article as legal or tax advice.

feb 20, 2015 Por Kirby D. Payne

Hotel F&B - To Lease or Not to Lease?

The primary role of the F&B department is to enhance the overall profits of a hotel. Many claim hotels with F&B should maximize the department’s profit or lease income. Instead, maybe the departmental profit motive should be...

jul 11, 2014 Por Kirby D. Payne

Is Your Hotel A Mess?

We've assumed management or done operational reviews of many hotels. So we’ve had the opportunity for an intimate look at the workings of all types of hotels. We’ve noticed some commonalities we think are symptomatic—and, therefore, instructive

jul 30, 2010 Por Kirby D. Payne

Canadian Lodging Outlook July 2007

What Time Is The 3 PM Parade?...

oct 1, 2007 Contestado por Kirby D. Payne el Victoria 'Vicki' S Richman

Get Involved in the Legislative Process

Mid-term elections prompted me to reflect back on how my interest in being active in the political process evolved. Some define "active in the political process" as voting in elections while others define it as being a politician or a lobbyist.

feb 18, 2007 Por Kirby D. Payne

Do You Have An Ethics Policy? Now More Than Ever, “Good Ethics is Good Business”

In my 30-plus years in this industry, I’ve occasionally seen the issue of unethical behavior rear its ugly head. In the management-company world, the unethical behavior I’ve most frequently seen is like a form of bait and switch.

may 18, 2006 Contestado por Kirby D. Payne el Bill Gillette

Economy Lodging: Always In Transition

Since its inception, the economy segment has undergone a continual process of transition. Although most owners, operators and lenders take a “stick to the basics” approach, a problem arises when one attempts to define just what “the basics” are.

ene 24, 2005 Por Kirby D. Payne