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Mr. Luigi Major, MAI

Servicio: Consultoría y Valuaciones
Oficina: Houston
Dirección: 3000 Weslayan Street, Suite 385
Houston, TX, United States of America, 77027
Teléfono: +1 (214) 629-1135 (Laboral)
Idiomas: Inglés, Español

HVS Key Takeaways: Hotel Opportunities in Latin America (HOLA) 2016

The 2016 HOLA conference roused both enthusiasm and caution for Latin America’s hotel industry. Major markets benefit from their alignment with the U.S. dollar, but hurt from oversupply. Smaller markets, however, may be poised for growth.

may 31, 2016 Por Luigi Major

Four Key Takeaways | Meet the Money 2015

Hoteliers and financiers met in Los Angeles to discuss the pitfalls and possibilities for U.S. hotel investment as the industry continues its upturn in performance.

may 15, 2015 Contestado por Susan Furbay, Li Chen el Luigi Major

In Focus: Houston, Texas

A booming economy, along with record growth in population and jobs, is bringing about the best lodging market performance in Houston’s history. Can hoteliers count on this growth to last?

jul 31, 2014 Contestado por Luigi Major el Yimei Tang

Effects of Major Renovations on Hotel Market Penetration and Net Present Value

In this article, we seek to understand and quantify, through analysis, the impact of a major renovation on a hotel’s occupancy and rate penetration and, ultimately, the effect on income and net present value.

feb 27, 2014 Por Luigi Major

Market Intelligence Report 2013: Houston

With demand driven by energy, health care, and shipping, Houston’s hotel market reached historically high occupancy and average rate in 2013. The following article tracks trends in hotel supply, demand, and performance across the city’s...

jun 10, 2013 Por Luigi Major

HVS Market Intelligence Report: Houston Hotels in 2012

Energy prices, strong for the past several years and rising in 2012, have driven impressive growth in jobs, commercial space, and other developments in Houston. This growth and major planned projects continue to pump hotel demand into the city.

abr 4, 2012 Por Luigi Major

HVS Report: Foreign Direct Investment, Commercial Real Estate, and Hotel Development in Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the most densely populated and developed urban areas in the world. How will rising foreign direct investment amplify the dynamics of the city’s office and lodging markets in the wake of the recent recession?

feb 23, 2011 Contestado por Luigi Major, Raul Duarte el Richard J. Katzman

San Miguel de Allende - A Beacon for the Tourism Potential of Colonial Towns and Villages

The dynamics of San Miguel de Allende’s lodging and tourism market illustrate opportunities for growth for lesser-known towns rich in history, architecture, and culture.

ene 23, 2009 Por Luigi Major

Mexico's Growing Trend: Master-Planned Resort-Residential Communities

Mexico’s tourism industry has been at the forefront of international lodging trends, and the country is once again reinventing its coastlines and interior colonial towns with the proliferation of master-planned resort-residential communities.

nov 7, 2008 Por Luigi Major

Guadalajara — Preparing for the Future

The popularity of Guadalajara has surged in recent years, attracting new businesses, residents, and developments that are positioning the city as a world-class business and travel destination.

may 16, 2008 Por Luigi Major

HVS Market Intelligence Report: San Juan, Puerto Rico

New developments are making the “Walled City” more welcoming than ever, while limited supply allows occupancies to remain strong and average rates to increase tremendously.

nov 26, 2007 Por Luigi Major

HVS Market Intelligence Report: Liberia, Costa Rica

With a bevy of new hotel developments and a promise to expand its international airport, Liberia has set its sights on Costa Rica’s burgeoning tourism.

sep 21, 2007 Por Luigi Major