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Servicios de Impuestos de Propiedades - Visión General

HVS Property Tax Services is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and unlike other property tax firms, we are dedicated solely to hospitality assets.

HVS Property Tax Services will represent your hotel in all aspects of the appeals process to aggressively negotiate a fair valuation. We understand the hotel real estate and the business valuation processes which would benefit owners, operators and franchisees.

Because we have performed work in thousands of markets throughout the United States, we know how to use our knowledge appropriately for each municipality. We also possess the knowledge to address complex issues such as intangible value, which can greatly impact hotel real estate valuation.

The methodology used to develop our tax analysis is based on the market research and valuation techniques set forth in the textbooks we authored for the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and the Appraisal Institute.

Work with HVS Property Tax Services and benefit from:

  • HVS’ 30-year credibility as the authority in hotels;
  • Our proprietary “Rushmore Approach,” named for our CEO, to determine the value of hotels in their municipality;
  • Negotiating power as we work with experiences and seasoned assessors;
  • Our visits to thousands of property tax offices every year; so that you have current and pertinent information;
  • The most comprehensive hotel database in the world, which gives us credibility and data to assist you during the property tax assessment process.

How do we help you?

  • We will work directly with your internal finance or property tax team to alleviate their burden and increase your opportunity for a successful appeal;
  • You will know quickly whether your property has been over assessed because we promise a quick response time.

How do you benefit? We assist with:

  • Property Tax Review and Valuation
  • Representation during the Appeal Process
  • Filing of Grievance
  • Negotiation with the Assessing Officers
  • Property Tax Valuation Report