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Energy & Sustainability - Visión General

HVS Sustainability Services provides a range of business-driven consultancy services that enable hospitality firms to enhance efficiency, maximize profitability, and demonstrate a positive commitment to the environment to guests, investors, and other relevant stakeholders. Our approach to sustainability is specific to the hospitality industry and is based upon HVS’ thirty-years of experience in hotel operations, management, financial structuring, and transactions.

As a corporate philosophy, we strive to integrate environmental and sustainability issues into existing operational processes – to ensure that recommended procedural or equipment enhancements are compatible with established practices. We provide our clients with practical sustainability solutions with demonstrable return on investment to facilitate sound decision-making by hospitality owners and operators.

While HVS Sustainability Services provides a holistic range of services, our proprietary Hotel Sustainability Assessment provides a fundamental review of operating practices across a range of thematic areas including energy, water, waste, management, and employee education. The Hotel Sustainability Assessment is a low-cost, novel mechanism to evaluate a hotel’s environmental performance and understand the financial and operational implications of various improvements.

In addition to the Hotel Sustainability Assessment, HVS provides other "value-added" sustainability consulting services including:

  • Evaluation of Environmental Technologies and Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • Support in the Marketing and Branding of Sustainable Hospitality Facilities
  • Carbon Footprinting and Carbon Offsets
  • Purchasing and Procurement Support for Existing and Emerging Environmental Technologies
  • Employee Training Modules Regarding Sustainability Practices and Regulatory Compliance
  • Environmental Certification through our Ecotel© Program (for further information, please visit

HVS Sustainability Services operates on a global basis and is currently based out of India and its US office to open soon.