Hotel Conference Center Advisory Services

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HVS offers advisory services for clients developing hotel conference centers. HVS can help you evaluate, plan, finance, and implement a successful development strategy for hotel conference centers.

When a public entity, private developer, or a public-private partnership plans to develop a hotel conference center, the following steps are typically required:

1. Feasibility Study
2. Concept & Program Recommendations
3. Consensus on the Approach to Financing & Ownership
4. Development Team Selection (RFQ/RFP)
5. Design Process
6. Detailed Cost Estimation
7. Brand or Franchise Negotiations
8. Management Team Selection (RFQ/RFP)
9. Financing
10. Construction
11. Pre-Opening Marketing Plan
12. Asset Management

When a public entity, private developer, or a public-private partnership plans to develop a hotel conference center, the following steps are typically required:

One of the key considerations in the “Concept & Program Recommendations” phase is to determine whether the property should be IACC-certified, as defined by several eligibility criteria required by the International Association of Conference Centers. IACC conference centers generally target meetings of 75 people or smaller and have an emphasis on the use of technology. These facilities also generally package lodging, catering, conference, and other services into a bundled price, known as a “complete meeting package” or a CMP. IACC-certification is not appropriate for all hotel conference centers; in some markets, it may be more appropriate to focus on flexible space that can target a broader range of users for banquets, training seminars, meetings, and conferences. Research conducted in the “Feasibility Study” phase of planning should provide evidence to help make this important decision.

HVS consultants have specialized expertise both in conference center and hotel operations and we understand the important and complex interactions between these two components of such a development. Moreover, HVS has specialists in the areas outlined above who can help you take your project from start to finish, through all of the steps in the preceding list. Because we understand the entire development process, we don’t just hand you a Feasibility Study at the end of Step One and wish you good luck; rather, we can help you evaluate the risks and benefits likely to be encountered through every step of the development process.

Please contact Hans Detlefsen at (312) 587-9900 or hdetlefsen@hvs.com for more information. Or contact a Managing Director at any of our 27 offices around the world to discuss your unique situation or to learn more about our past experiences.

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